Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SITS Challenge: Day Two

Today's challenge is to tell a story about the photos from day one. 

It's Springtime in Ohio! Which means ever changing weather. You can wake up and it will be warm and sunny and go to bed with some snow on the ground. Yesterday I woke up and went outside to warm temperatures but a nasty thunderstorm heading our way.  It was raining lightly and the wind was blowing my favorite tree in my yard. I really love this old tree. My husband wants it cut down but I say NO way! We don't have a whole lot of tree's in our yard so it must stay. The dark clouds was getting closer and the wind was getting stronger so I snapped as many pictures of this old tree before the rain got harder. I made it to my front porch just in time, the sprinkles of rain turned into a downpour. I wanted to stay outside to see if I could get some shots of the lightening but I knew I had to get in the house. The kids was still asleep and I knew the thunder would wake them and they might be frightened. Luckily the slept right on through the thunder that was shaking the house. Which was kinda nice, it gave me some quiet me time.


  1. I love the picture of the tree looking up!

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